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Tippecanoe County Courthouse
Tippecanoe County Courthouse

1991: Major renovation began.
The two year project cost over $15 million.

The woodwork throughout the Courthouse is oak, ash and walnut. Any woodwork in the Courthouse that had to be altered or added is designed to blend with the original. The old woodwork is more ornate with considerable detail. The new woodwork has been made to closely match the old in general design, but with less detail, allowing visitors to distinguish the old from the new.

Before restoration, all of the ceilings were unfinished barrel vaulted. After further study of the original plan, it was decided that the intent was to have flat ceilings but, because of the cost, they were never finished. Therefore, as part of this renovation, they have been finished as originally intended.

In several of the rooms in the courthouse stencils have been hand painted to match their original color and patterns. In some of the rooms as many as 13 layers of paint had to be removed before the original pattern was discovered. Some of the patterns date back to 1885. Due to costs, only the stenciling in public areas such as the courtrooms have been fully restored. All information concerning research on the patterns and colors has been filed for reference.

The statue on the top of the dome is now holding scales that were found in the clock tower during renovation.

The Courthouse has 66,000 square feet of usable space. This includes adding the fourth floor and reworking the attic area.

Citizens were able to participate in preserving the Courthouse through a Friends of Downtown Shutter Campaign. Over $150,000 was raised to contribute toward the shutter reproductions. Native poplar and oak were used to construct the more than 1,200 shutter panels, which match the trim on each floor of the Courthouse.

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

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