Tour the Courthouse — exterior
Tippecanoe County Courthouse

The shape of the building is a large 150 foot Greek Cross. From the ground to the top of the statue, the building measures 226 feet.

Indiana limestone and brick were used for the construction of the walls. Cast-iron beams and supports, as well as the finest woods were used.

The Courthouse has one hundred columns, nine pieces of statuary and a cast iron dome containing four large clock-faces and a bell.

The statue on top of the dome stands 14 feet high, is hollow inside, and made of sheet metal. The original specifications for the Courthouse described the statue as the Goddess of Liberty, holding a shield and sword. Some people believe that the statue was meant to be a statue of Justice, holding a set of scales. The statue is now holding scales that were found in the clock tower during restoration.

Each entrance to the Courthouse has a pediment above it. The east and west pediments display relief carvings of Justice, Industry/Education and Agriculture. The north and south pediments display carvings of George Rogers Clark, George Washington and Tecumseh.

The plans also state that four female figures in the niches beneath each clock face represent the four seasons.

The clock was made in Boston. In 1884 the faces were installed, and are eight feet across with hands that are four feet long. The faces originally had gas lighting and the clock was regulated by a pendulum.

The bell was cast in Baltimore, weighs 3,300 pounds, and is tuned to the key of C sharp.

The large walnut doors at the main Courthouse entrances each weigh 500 pounds.

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

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