Tour the Courthouse — 4th Floor
Tippecanoe County Courthouse
Tippecanoe County Courthouse Skylight
Superior Court III Staff
Consultation Room
Women’s Restroom
Superior Court III
Light Well
“Old” Elevator (floors 1-4)
Elevator (floors 1-5)
Public Defender
Superior Court II
Men’s Restroom
Consultation Room
Superior Court II Staff
Nice window on interior 4th floor

Many people consider Superior Court II to be the most interesting courtroom in the building. It was created in a space entirely hidden by a false ceiling until the renovation. Beautiful oak woodwork and window moldings that had been hidden for years are now out in the open. One window molding in the courtroom is speckled with black dots that appear to have been caused by a shotgun blast (pigeon control???).

The architects wanted to make sure that everyone could distinguish the old from the new. The flooring, which is not original, is separated from the walls by a six inch strip of glass. Visitors can now clearly differentiate between original construction and the later additions. Be sure to walk to the side walls to see the glass strip and the windows that span from the third floor to the top of the fourth floor. Along the ceiling, new smooth brackets have been added on the inside walls of the courtroom to blend with the original, flowery brackets on the outer walls.

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