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Women’s Restroom

Superior Court I

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“Old” Elevator (floors 1-4)

Elevator (floors 1-5)

Auxiliary Courtroom

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Circuit Court

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Circuit Court Staff


Tippecanoe County Courthouse Courtroom

The original courtrooms extended from the third to the fifth floor, measuring 26 1/2 feet in height. They also extended from the wall on the exterior south side to the wall on the north side. Superior Court I has the original box, witness stand, and judge's benches which are reproductions of the originals. Benches in the other courtrooms have been patterned after these originals. Bullet resistant material has been installed behind the bench.

The large wooden doors in front of Superior Court I are original. The doors into the Circuit Court have been missing for years, so new doors were constructed to match the originals. Note the large ornate hinges on the doors. Also take note of the wooden benches around the rotunda on this floor. They were made in 1864 by James Loveless for the Stockwell Collegiate Institute which was founded in 1859. (Stockwell is in Southeast Tippecanoe County.)

Judges Fireplace

The Judges' chambers have been painted to match the original colors and patterns. The Circuit Court Judge's chamber has bookshelves that were used in the building but not necessarily in this location. All the original fireplaces are made out of slate painted to look like marble. Reconstructed fireplaces have been added in some areas. These have been included for historical value, but are not functional.

There is evidence of gas wall sconces by some of the fireplace mantles; shortly after the building opened, electricity was added and the sconces were removed. Some rooms had chandeliers but not much extra light was needed. Shutters could be opened or closed to control the direct sunlight.

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