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The 1st Floor Hallway - Tippecanoe County Courthouse

The small glass inserts above the entrances and at the back of the stairs were originally used to allow light from the 2nd floor exterior doors to the lower level since there were not exterior doors on this floor. The doors were added in 1966 when the steps were cut to make ground floor entrances.

Tunnels under the original, outside stairs brought fresh air into the building. The air was then delivered to all floors by (6 feet x 6 feet) chambers located in the corners of the building. These corner chases also served as dumbwaiters to take coal and wood up to the fireplaces and to remove the ashes. The chases are now used for electrical wiring.

The original 1906 elevator is still in operation. During the restoration a new hydraulic system was added. This elevator serves floors 1-4. A modern elevator serves floors one through five.

The original floor plan of the building showed stairs next to the women's restroom, but they had been removed years ago. During the restoration, the stairs were reconstructed with a new hand railing and detailing to exactly match the original. The new hand railings are made of fiber reinforced plaster while the originals are made of cast iron. To differentiate between the two, use a magnet, as it will stick to the original railings and will not stick to the new plaster duplicates.

The 1906 Elevator - Tippecanoe County Courthouse

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