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1. The present courthouse is the ____ to occupy the courthouse square.
A) first
B) second
C) third

2. There are eight hand carved walnut doors on the main courthouse entrance, how much do they each weigh
A) 500 pounds
B) 650 pounds
C) 1 ton

3. The cannons on the Courthouse lawn represent veterans from what war
A) Revolutionary War
B) War of 1812
C) Civil War

4. The scales held by the statue on the top of the dome were found
A) in the clock tower
B) under the old elevator
C) in the furnace room

5. The Battle of Tippecanoe mural
A) was painted for the courthouse
B) was originally in the Fowler Hotel
C) was originally in the Purdue Library

6. How many sculptures of Tecumseh are in or around the courthouse?
A) two
B) three
C) four

7. What is the shape of the Courthouse?
A) the letter "X"
B) a square
C) a Greek cross

8. How tall is the Courthouse?
A) 250 feet
B) 226 feet
C) 2600 feet

9. How many floors are in the Courthouse?
A) three
B) four
C) five

10. The original courtrooms extended from the third to the fifth floor, measuring how many feet?
A) 26 1/2 feet
B) 12 feet
C) 46 feet

11. Who is the statue on top of the fountain?
A) William Digby
B) Marquis de Lafayette
C) George Washington

12. What is the exterior of the Courthouse made from?
A) concrete
B) Indiana limestone
C) Alabama granite

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1) C — third
2) A — 500 pounds
3) C — Civil War
4) A — in the clock tower
5) B — was originally in the Fowler House
6) B — three
7) C — a Greek cross
8) B — 226 feet tall
9) C — five
10) A — 26 1/2 feet
11) B — Marquis de Lafayette
12) B — Indiana limestone

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